Liquid - CocoMintRose Hair Growth Formula
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All the goodness of Coconut, Peppermint and Rosemary are in store for you when you choose our 
Old Fashioned - CocoMintRose Hair Growth Formula.
Available in 5 oz. Applicator, this Liquid - CoCoMint Rose Hair Growth Formula is ideal for easy 
use with Braids, Locs, Sew-In Weaves, Hot Oil Treatments and More!

Recommended For All Hair Types

Calming, Herbal, Minty Scent
Contains:  Coconut Oil, Proprietary Blend of Vitamins, Minerals & Plant Oils, *MSM, 
Rosemary Oil, Peppermint Oil, Blessings from our Ancestors, Love

*Liquid CocoMintRose is, also, Available in a Sulfur Free Formula (without MSM).


With numerous proteins that it contains, Coconut Oil helps keep the scalp healthy, promotes healthy hair 
and growth, and improves the condition of damaged hair.

Peppermint helps to moisturize the scalp, balances scalp’s pH level, fights dry scalp & dandruff.  It has 
been successful in the prevention of hair loss by stimulating blood circulation and strengthening hair roots.

Rosemary is one of the premier hair growth enhancing oils.  It increases cellular metabolism which 
stimulates healthy hair growth and regenerates hair follicles.


Our Proprietary Blend of Vitamins, Minerals and Plant Oil ingredients in the Old Fashioned Hair Growth 
Formula stimulates cellular growth, stops breakage, restores softness & luster and promotes hair growth 
by moisturizing the scalp.  It uses essential fatty acids to moisturize the scalp, which will promote follicle 
repair & growth. The moisture benefits of our blend help to prevent split/damaged ends and can improve 
weak/brittle hair. Additionally, our Proprietary Blend of Vitamins, Minerals and Plant Oils boost circulation 
of the scalp.  It helps to increase the flow of blood to the scalp which helps stimulate the hair follicles, 
making them produce hair faster!


What is MSM (Organic form of Sulfur)?

Sulfur is one of the main minerals existing in your body, representing 0.25 percent of your body weight.  
Sulfur increases your hair growth by stimulating your scalp and adds strength with the sulfur-sulfur bond 
in the keratin of your hair.

Grow your hair longer by using hair products that contain sulfur like the Old Fashioned – CocoMintRose 
Hair Growth Formula, and by eating protein foods high in sulfur, such as egg yolks, seafood, meat, liver, 
beans, sunflower seeds, nuts and dairy. Sulfur is also abundant in vegetables such as garlic, onions, 
cabbage, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, asparagus, watercress and cauliflower.

Sulfur makes your hair grow longer, stronger and glossier and prevents further hair loss.  It stimulates your 
scalp's circulation, which nourishes your hair follicles. Sulfur is also called "the beauty mineral," because 
you need sulfur to keep hair beautiful and glossy.

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Liquid - CocoMintRose Hair Growth Formula

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